Miliwanga Wurrben is a shiny, warm Binning woman who touched my heart, opened my soul and healed my stomach.  (The name Binning is the name Australian Aboriginals in thmilie Northern Territory call themselves. In Cooktown they’re called Bama).

My stomach was in knots and I was finding it difficult to digest. I was hoping a Traditional Healer would be in the hospitals in the Northern Territory but they only had a name to give me. Miliwanga Wurrben. They had no phone number though and suggested I see the man at the Didgeridoo tourist destination. He was her relative but didn’t offer any suggestions of how I could get in touch with her.

When I arrived at the BARUNGA FESTIVAL, at the Barunga Aboriginal Community, just outside of Katherine, I went to a stall and asked the women who were weaving and making bush medicine if there was a Traditional Healer. Sure enough they had a sign up list to see Miliwanga Wurrben.

They didn’t have anyone to help set up the marquee for her so I arranged some army fellows – who were helping at the festival – to assist. After that was done I wandered over to where she was and she was ready for me with a big smile.

Miliwanga is a Traditional Healer from her family line. She started on my head making me feel more relaxed and taking my thoughts away. I found this interesting because this is what Mikao Usui suggested in the traditional form of Reiki.

Once she had performed the healing my stomach was instantly better – the pain was gone – and everything felt lighter. THAT’s the reason why I choose to see a Traditional Healer. Because the symptoms vanish instantly. Well, the two times I’ve had a healing from a Traditional Aboriginal Australian Healer I’ve felt immediate positive affects.

Miliwanga Wuurben 2

The rest of the festival I spent time with Mili. She is a bright and lively soul with a smile on her face. She made me feel welcomed whenever I approached her. She loved to laugh and dance. And she is an expert of weaving baskets.

She also knows bush medicine. Due to sleeveless top my shoulders and neck were getting burnt from the hot sun. Mili gave me some of her lemongrass oil to put on. Now you don’t normally put oil on a burn – BUT this oil not only alleviated the burn feeling but it also stopped it from getting more burnt. Fascinating! This lemongrass plant is unique only to that area she told me.

It was a pleasure and an honour to meet and spend time with Miliwanga Wurrben. Perhaps next time I’m in Katherine I’ll sit with her again.

(Please note: Miliwanga has given me permission to blog about her & share her pictures online. I wouldn’t do it without her permission. 🙂