I felt stuck in life when I first began my healing journey. I had toxic patterns that seemed to keep reappearing in my life, sabotaging my progress. As a result, I’m the ideal person to share my experience with healing modalities, all of which worked for me. After years of research, I discovered a variety of techniques and practices for promoting physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

These healing modalities can be used to treat everything from chronic pain to depression and anxiety. Different healing modalities provide different benefits, so it is critical to understand what each one provides before deciding which one is best for you. We will look at some of the most common types of healing modalities, how they benefited my journey, and how they could help you achieve your healing needs.

Please bear with me as I discuss these through my own personal experiences with them. We’re going to look at what healing modalities worked for me to heal: depression, haemorrhoids, and poverty.

Best Healing Modality for Depression

Depression: Activating positivity was the main healing modality I used to lift the fog of depression. When depression strikes, I’ve found that gratitude and hope are the two most effective forms of positivity.

Imagine yourself feeling hopeless as depression overtakes you, and then you shift your focus to being GRATEFUL for the smallest things, such as the air in your lungs, the sounds of birds, and the food you ate for breakfast. It is impossible to be depressed when you are grateful. Hope has a similar effect in that it directs your thoughts towards a more positive future, such as what the chances are that a miracle will occur tomorrow. This is how I healed depression and what worked for me. I no longer need to succumb to the “crash times”.

Best Healing Modality for Haemorrhoids

Haemorrhoids occurs due to the mindset of being critical of others or expecting them to act in a certain way and then becoming panicked or miserable when they don’t. I’ve had haemorroids about four times, and each time I’m in a situation where this pattern of thinking is activated. Haemorrhoids hurt, so when I get them, I’m eager to check on this mindset and see what’s going on. Overall, this is a result of two healing modalities: CONSCIOUS AWARENESS and a MINDSET SHIFT. The haemorrhoids go away quickly once I let go of that pattern of being critical or expecting certain behaviours from others. I don’t take any medication for my haemorrhoids; instead, I change the way I think and feel.

Best Healing Modality for Poverty

In my experience, a lack of abundance or money is caused by the baggage and burdens of either the family lineage or past life trauma. Energy healing was the only thing that worked for me in this situation. I hired an energy healer to scan the energies and determine what was impeding my ability to earn my own money. She delved deeply into the energies, shifting some family lineage core beliefs while also healing my inner child. Clients now hire me to remove the toxic patterns that are preventing them from making money, and the results have been amazing. As a result, I recommend energy healing for problems related to poverty or a lack of money.

Overall, it is clear that the various health and well-being issues we face in life necessitate a different type of healing modality. Furthermore, because everyone’s healing needs differ, a good energy healer must be adaptable to what works best for their client. Remember that our problems are caused by energies, which can be addressed in the mindset, thoughts, emotions, feelings, as well as the family lineage and past life traumas. Please inquire about our courses if you want to learn how to do in-depth energy healing and hold an effective healing space for your clients.