Yes, I’m a Migaloo (white person) because I have white skin, but deep inside of me is a black spirit… one that connects with the energies of the land and calls to me in the dreaming.

Why is that?

I have no idea.

As a young girl I heard voices in my mind. As a young woman I followed what I referred to “my gut instinct” as it pulled me on a different path in life. I’m always fascinated with the energies of the world and sometimes play with the Chi (a Chinese word for energy) while performing Chi Gong.

When I walk the land I feel it. And now, that I’ve walked the land with an Elder I can feel the shift in the energies of the land… I feel where sacred land is.walking track

The other day I was walking with my sister (not by blood) Dinnawah on
country and was startled by a loud bird call. It stopped me in my tracks.

It was a warning.

I was to go no further.

So I sat.

I felt the energies. “Do not look” it told me. So I sat.

Dinnawah kept walking and called me from up ahead. That’s when the energies shifted. It was her Native land and she was welcoming me to walk with her. The energies shifted and it felt ok to walk… but I walked in silence… looking at the ground…. glancing up briefly in places so I wouldn’t trip.

At some point the energies shifted again and it felt lighter – I could look around and talk again.walking on country 2

I haven’t confirmed why that happened. Maybe one day I’ll learn from an Elder why I felt that.

There is an energy in the land…. a power… a power that can move through you… heal you… stop you….

A young woman was once walking on country… she was walking towards her father who was sitting with a group of men… and then her whole body was turned in another direction… and she found herself walking towards the women. In Aboriginal Australian LORE (law) there is sacred men’s business where women and girls are not allowed to go.

There is an energy in the land… an energy that connects us all… connect us all as one people across the world…. when you learn to listen to the energies when you’re walking on country you feel a sense of peace and wholeness – you feel complete.

I can’t fathom why white folk don’t have – or don’t recognise this connection to land. I believe this lack of connection makes them sick. Not necessarily physically sick, but definitely spiritually sick.

Yes, I’ve been called a Migaloo… but I’m not the average Migaloo. 😉

White Skin, Black Spirit