Why personal development?

Personal Development is the dynamic process of changing your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, behaviours and habits to create a life you love.

You see throughout your childhood and past experiences you receive information from the environment: from your parents and family members, from other people in society and through social media, and so on. These social influences tell you what to think, how to feel and how to behave.

These habits create what we refer to as your PERSONAL TEMPLATE for living.

The purpose of personal development is to explore deeply your personal template. The exploration in itself is informational and empowering because you really get to know who you are at the CORE. With this information you have the opportunity to make changes to this personal template to rewrite your life – as you want.

Sounds a bit fun, doesn’t it?

To be honest, when you first start looking at yourself in this way you might feel as if you’re under a microscope – vulnerable and seen in your purest form. This is quite daunting and I’ve seen many people squirm, feel angry, doubt the process and give up.

You’re used to your own personal space, secrets, habits and ways of thinking and being. This is sacred to you in ways you might not yet understand. Revealing your personal template is like standing on a stage without any clothes on.

You might believe, deep down to the core of your being that your personal template is the truth and the only truth. It is not. That’s when people feel uncomfortable. What you know as truth is not truth. It’s only societal constructs given to you so you had a blueprint from which to live. Once you realise that this is not truth you have the choice to shift and change the template so it’s more suited to your liking and what you want in life.

It’s important for me to mention at this stage that personal development – in this context – is not just for problem people. You don’t need to have problems such as alcohol addiction, high anxiety, depression, diabetes, migraines, and abusive relationships and so on. You can be an ordinary person who just feels like being happier and more in control of their life.

So, what is personal development? When you look at who you are and consciously choose who you want to be.

Personal Development Coaching takes you through the process of realising what’s in your Personal Template and how to change it. This removes sabotaging patterns… and hence, creates a life you love.

 Once you have these Self Improvement techniques in your PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT TOOLBOX we can move further into INNERWORK and alter your Personal Template/Matrix.