zebra rock mine campground

Travelling from Katherine to Kununurra and just before the Western Australia you’ll find a little GEM of  a CAMPGROUND that is also a ZEBRA ROCK MINE. Here you’re welcomed with smiles and told that the campground is very social. In the evening tonight there is live country music by a travelling singer called Alec Beckett. They also have KIMBERLY WETLAND SAFARIS on Lake Argyle that people rave about (I might do one next time).

zebrar rock mine campground 2

The reception, cafe and Zebra Rock gallery.


Travellers and WikiCamp reviews all talk positively about Zebra Rock, but I had no idea until I arrived here that it was an actual mine with beautiful ZEBRA ROCKS!

Sitting at a ZEBRA ROCK table my German traveller friend was eating a homemade scone which she was hanging out for since she was here last year because she reckoned that they are THAT good. There’s FREE TEA and COFFEE for everyone which really encourages friendly chatter between the visitors.

The campground itself is an open field with some shady trees and is kindly separated into two areas of 1. generators and 2. no generators. People without generators tend to dislike generators as they are noisy sometimes all day and all night.

zebra rock campground

The toilets are mini caravans with a very uplifting perfume smell – quite unusual for a campground toilet to have a pleasant smell!

Yah, strange, eh. 🙂

And what makes it even more charming as a tourist spot is that there is free tea and coffee….a shared camp fire…

And country music in the evening to listen to around the campfire. Tonight’s music was live country with Alec Beckett

country music alec beckett zebra rock mine campground

All around this tourist destination – Zebra Rock Mine Camp – in the Northern Territories – just outside of the Western Australia border – is an entertaining, relaxing and enjoyable place to stop.

Go see it for yourself! 🙂