A long time ago in a land far away (Canada) I practiced martial arts 3 times a week at minimum. Every day I would plan the next practice session and sometimes would get in sessions in between days. When I was doing this on a regular basis my mind became quiet. The chi energy flowing through me some how made my thoughts be quiet and peaceful.

When I stopped doing martial arts regularly the chattering thoughts of the mind returned. This was a frustrating time for me. It was REALLY obvious because the thoughts were persisting every day and every moment to chatter chatter chatter.

Weird I thought! And so I practiced Chi Gong. And when I practiced for an hour and really settled deeply into the session my thoughts would be quiet again – no sound in my mind. I was in the flow. After a Chi Gong session my mind was silent for a day or two or even a few depending on how deep the session was.

And then the chatter chatter chatter would start up again.

Now regular white folk don’t know this FLOW exists. They would think that THINKING every minute of every day is a normal thing. And so they do…they think and think and think… chatter chatter chatter in their minds.

I was talking with an African friend of mine the other day about this. Africans don’t have this incessant thinking like Westeners do. I noticed the same with Indigenous Australians too. They have quiet in their mind. It’s natural to them. And here us Westerners need to take up a daily meditation practice to get to that quiet state. I wonder why this is?

In the “White fella culture” book I mentioned in earlier blogs it tells us that in the Aboriginal culture groups of people sit quietly – and people honour when someone wants to sit quietly in a group – being alone with others.

When you feel this deep settled feeling of being in the bush (in nature) you naturally feel more peaceful and at ease. But what if you were to take it one step deeper and feel the natural flow of the earth energies all the time. When I practiced martial arts or chi gong I felt that flow and my thoughts stop – the chatter in the mind STOPS – completely STOPS.

And you feel peaceful – deeply peaceful.

In this deep state of being thought is unnecessary. It’s not normal.

Talking even becomes unnecessary and you feel like you want to sit in silence and be at peace. Just be. PEACEFUL.

Sooooo let’s flick it around, what IF you were living in the bush all your life and this person (Westener) comes along and tells you that you have to THINK – be like them and have these thoughts. You have to start thinking about what you’re going to do for a living. You have to start thinking about how to get money and what to do with it. You have to think about being a better parent. You have to go to University and think think think until you’re brain hurts. My guess is that you’d feel deeply unsettled inside – like regular white folk do all the time – and think it’s normal.

Thinking disconnects us from the natural flow of earth energies.

I’m searching for a place/space where I can settle deeply into this flow state. I crave it constantly since I stopped the martial arts. Dis-ease can’t form in this natural peaceful state. When the energies are naturally flowing through body, mind and spirit there are no stuck or stagnant places that can create dis-ease.

Absolutely fascinating topic, don’t you think? 😉


One year later I’m watching this video on YouTube and Sadhguru said exactly what I’m talking about here in this blog. When he closes his mind there is nothing there. It’s quiet. He doesn’t meditate but teaches people to meditate. He doesn’t need to meditate because his mind is not rambling. AH! This is exactly what I noticed!

This, I believe, is a key link to spirituality and expanded consciousness.

Here’s the video. If you don’t want to watch it all just fast forward to 5.20 minutes and he’ll talk about this specifically.