LIfe Changing Workshops - Personal Development Coach - Carmen Wyld

Here I am! Yes, this is me. 🙂 My hands flinging in the air to capture a hair flick picture for the photo shoot. What fun! My Italian gay friend, Manu, was playing with his new camera and lighting equipment. I needed pictures to advertise my business.

After completing my 5th degree (including a few post graduate certificates) I was keen to launch my knowledge into the world and inspire people to improve their life. I worked as a tutor/teacher at University and loved teaching. I taught myself how to build a few websites and loved it. I even self-published 5 books on personal development and positivity.  Surely, I had a solid foundation for starting up a new business. Right?

Apparently not.

Or perhaps it just wasn’t enough time.

Or I didn’t have enough juicy-ness?book

So, I made 5 online courses.

(Yah, right – what’s the theme with the 5’s? To be truthful I have no idea why! Weird.)

Okay, okay. You know how sometimes you need to learn something…… so you study it in depth and then apply it, to the best of your knowledge and experience, to your own life – positively change your life – and then want to share with others? Well, this is what happened with my books, online courses, public speaking and workshops!! But with all the amazing resources through Google only a trickle of people reach my material.

Fair enough. Did I really want to get ‘big’ anyways?

I stopped everything and reflected.


What do I REALLY want to do with my life?

What makes me come alive?

What does my gut instinct say?

NOTE: This Blog Post was originally posted on as part of my JOURNEY BLOG. This was the first BLOG POST that introduces my Personal Development and Spiritual Development Journey.