During the 10 day vipassana retreat at Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai, Thailand we had the great blessings of listening to a Dhamma Talk every morning at 5.30am.

Ugh. Yes, 5.30am every day this delightful Thailand Monk wakes up and gives us a Dhamma Talk. He has no days off.

I enjoyed these immensely because they solidified what I was already working on.

Without consciously knowing it you are generating a particular energy vibe with your thoughts and feelings. You create the way you experience life and what situations or events come to you.

How You Generate Feelings

There are a few different ways you get stuck in particular thought patterns. Mostly they just become habitual through your childhood, but past experiences can stick in your head too. you generate the feelings you have blog

There comes a time when you start to seek changes. For instance, when you start feeling tired of the heavy feelings or disliking the reoccurring negative events – you want to make changes.

An example is when life gets you down – such as if you are an anxiety sufferer – and you’ve suffered with anxiety all your life up until this point. But finally you say I’ve had enough! and then you start to look into how you can make changes. You become an active seeker to relieve the discomfort. You start to meditate, try yoga, do personal development techniques – and you successfully make changes.

Hence, the reason why I have started saying that anxiety is my superpower. Oh, wow I’ve got some stories to tell you about how this delightful tool – anxiety – has launched me into the amazing adventures of my life and how it propels me forward to creating my life as I love and discovering the depth of spirituality. Mmmm… I love spirituality.

Create Your Reality

You can create your life and create your reality by studying the feellings that you’re generating with your thoughts. If you think negative thought it creates a negative experience – usually that day. If you think positive thoughts then it makes you feel good feelings – which in turn magnetises to you positive events, situations and people. When I work with my clients online through Skype or WhatsApp we identify the habitual thought patterns and consider how they are impacting on how they feel. I always encourage my clients to start a Thought Journal because it’s easier to identify thoughts when they’re on paper. To do a thought journal you get a notebook and write all your thoughts for 5-15 minutes every day. Then you book the book aside until the next day and do it again for up to 21 days. You don’t review what you wrote down until you completed the agreed amount of days. Then you can see the thoughts that you wrote down the most. It’s an excellent personal development tool my clients take away with after a personal development coaching session with me.

Try This Experiment

Twenty years ago I did this experiment. On the morning of a new day – THINK to yourself that this will be a very bad day and you don’t feel that anything will go right that day. THEN, at the end of the day write down what happened.

The NEXT DAY, THINK to yourself that this day is going to be the best day of your life – and that everything will go smoothly, with ease, synchronicities and that you’ll have really good conversations with people. That the day will uplift you with joy, happiness and satisfaction. THEN, at the end of the day write down what happened.

I can guarantee you will notice a difference. Especially if you put a lot of energy and time into the THOUGHT you made in the morning.

Your Thoughts Create Your Reality – Choose Your Thoughts Wisely

Choose your thoughts wisely because they generate the feelings you have. They make you feel confident, good about yourself OR the exact opposite.


You’ll love it! 🙂